100% Natural Fabrics in Surat by Gokul Tex Print

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100% Natural Fabrics in Surat by Gokul Tex Print

Fashion is extremely important as it gives individual an identity. You must have witnessed multiple times about knowing a person by his or her style of apparels. But it’s even more important for anyone to wear clothes that are comfortable as well and what’s better than a natural fabric when it comes to comfort. At Gokul Tex Print we make 100% natural fabrics in Surat.

Comforts of any apparel are seen through two parameters. One is style and stitching of the apparel and other one is its fabric. The best fabrics for making apparels that are comfortable to wear are the one made with natural products such as cotton, wool, hemp, linen etc. You must have witnessed situations when one goes through rashes and other skin problems due to harshness of the fabrics. 100% natural fabrics have very less chances of such problems. At Goukul Tex Print not only we make 100% natural fabrics in Surat but also we develop the colors, and other peripherals.

We have been associated in textile industry for nearly three decades and we develop raw materials to finished product all under one roof.  Our products include dresses used by bollywood as well. Yes! We are also the choice of designers from bollywood industry.

For making a good fabric the quality and machinery under which its developed is also important. At Gokul Tex Print we are eager to mention that we use latest technology for fast and efficient productions.

From the day of our establishment we have always kept our motto very clear and that is to provide best quality product for our customers. We assure to our customers that we will keep on providing best quality fabric and other products. So next time if you are looking for 100% natural fabrics in Surat you can contact Gokul Tex Print, one of the top ten textiles producer in India.