Apparels for Bollywood

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Apparels for Bollywood

We all know how much bollywood influences fashion industry of India. As soon as an actor uses a style and apparel it becomes the most demanding product in fashion industry. From sarees to men’s suit you name it and track record says fashion have emerged after it was used by some actor in some film.  At Gokul Tex Print we know the demands and aspirations of our customers and we produce the fabric according to their needs.

We are also honoured to mention that we are one of the trusted brands whom stylist of the bollywood recommends. Years of experience in the fashion industry have helped us to weave the trust in our products as they are reliable, sustainable and match with the trend of fashion as well. There are high chances of seeing fabrics and dresses made by Gokul Tex Print are used in movies and TV series.

Our product consists of unique designs, comfortable fabrics which plays key role in enhancing over all look of the product. Apart from them, quality of paints used for designing a fabric is also extremely important as it needs to sustain for long time without compromising on the shine of it. Also utilising latest technology for the development of the product help to reduce the faults and roll out best processed materials. This is one of the core reason why people from bollywood industry and outside trust us.  At Gokel Tex Print we do a rigorous check of the finished product as people have faith on our product and we are always committed to stand by it.

At Gokul Tex Print we manufacture multiple kinds of fabrics among which most demanded are:-

  1. Embroidered Fabric
  2. Dyed Fabric
  3. Digital Print
  4. Screen Print etc.

While we produce raw materials for clothing we also provide finished product under umbrella of Gokul Tex Print and we are thankful to each and every customers, perhaps member of Gokul Tex Print family for all the trust they have shown towards us and we assure to continue this legacy of producing best quality products.