Best Printing And Fabrics In 2021 By Gokul Tex Prints

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Best Printing And Fabrics In 2021 By Gokul Tex Prints

Every year brings with it a brand new trend when it comes to the choice of designs, fabrics, and prints. We, at Gokul Texprints, make it a point to honour those trends and present the market with the most phenomenal collections in the print, fabric, and design demanded by them. But the question here is, what are the trends of the year 2021? Which Fabric should you choose to look trendy and what kind of prints will be printed all over the year 2021? Let us answer these interesting questions and explore the fashion world of this year.

The 2021 fabric trends see an abundance of colourful and comfortable options. With the year 2020 spent in lockdown, the mood of 2021 is still of comfort and relief and that essentially means we are going to see lighter fabrics in the town! Let’s point out the most popular ones –

Cotton – The King of Fabric
Cotton was, is, and will remain the first choice of Fabric because of its lightweight and sheer comfort. Apart from being insanely comfortable, cotton fabric is also very versatile and can be fashioned into most of the apparel options from Sarees to a shirt. Whether you want to sport a causal everyday look or a fancy party wear persona – cotton dresses will never fail you, especially in the year 2021. You can also opt for Linen based on your personal choice and requirements.





Premium quality Silk
We are not talking about just any other Silk here but authentic and luxurious silk. Silk can be a very comfortable to wear if it is of the right quality. Buy Silk fabric from a trusted source like Gokul Texprints and rest assured of its quality. Being a Natural Fabric, Silk has properties that compliment your skin in ways that make you more comfortable and look more gorgeous.

Viscose – the latest trend
Viscose is a Fabric that has come into the limelight only recently and has rapidly captured the market demand due to its silk-like yet affordable features. What is Viscose? It is basically a semi-synthetic type of rayon fabric made from wood pulp that is used as a silk substitute, as it has a similar drape and smooth feel to the luxury material. Sounds interesting right?

Viscose is synonymous to “affordable luxury” and caters to the requirement of the masses. It is lightweight and comfortable with a nice drape and a lustrous finish – everything you need from a fancy fabric. The myriad of brilliant qualities of this wonderful fabric has made it a popular choice for various kinds of fashion products.

With the variety of Fabric available in the Indian Market, you have plenty to choose from. While Natural Fabric like Cotton and Silk are ruling the 2021 trends, you should always choose what YOU feel comfortable in because in essence, the real trend of this year is to wear what you like. So, you can also choose sheer chiffon, Georgette, crepe, or satin depending upon your comfort level and fashion needs.

The world of Prints is a rather confusing one. It is quite difficult to point out the trend here. Out of nowhere, one can see the ’60s prints back in fashion trends and watch a new print go out of fashion in no time. Nevertheless, we are here to serve you with whatever you demand. Here are a few print ideas that are pretty much in trend right now –

Symmetrical Prints
Symmetrical Print is a very versatile area of fashion. We can create all kinds of effects and designs in it. One of the best versions of symmetrical prints is when there’s a gorgeous fusion of class and culture with a slight psychedelic touch. At Gokul Texprints, our designers have created plenty of such options for you. Other options are thunderjolt print, vintage patterns & motifs, and random symmetrically placed designs.

Floral – always in trend
There’s something about Floral Prints, isn’t it? Years can come and go but floral prints will always remain in trend. In the year 2021, we are looking at embroidered florals specifically. A simple and elegant dress embellished with just the right amount of floral embroidery and print is the most gorgeous trend to watch out for. Flowers in monochromatic tones or pastels are highly recommended.

India! India!

India is a country of art. How can Indian art be not in trend then? India is host to a wide variety of textile arts which is celebrated and applauded all over the world. So, the handcrafted prints of Indian heritage are very much in trend even in 2021.

The tie and dye method of Bandhani, the ancient hand printing style of Kalamkari, the meticulous process of Ajrak, and many more Indian prints will be found ruling the print markets in 2021. At Gokul Texprints, we have expert designers and printers who make the best designs and collections of these prints.

At Gokul Texprints, we work very hard to maintain this fine quality and high volume of production. Our premium technology and industry experts empower our company to produce various Fabrics like Cotton, Silk, Viscose, Linen, Wool, Rayon, etc and create all sorts of prints like Ajrak, Bandhani, Floral, Geometrical, etc.

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