Gokul Texprints : The leading light of Digital Printing in India

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Gokul Texprints : The leading light of Digital Printing in India

In the last twenty years,the textile industry in India has advanced tremendously. And in the last few years, digital prints have started ruling the fashion arena. From abstract digital prints to bold and innovative designs – the Digital Printing Industry opens up a plethora of options for the fashion enthusiasts. The advantages like low cost, quick process, fine patterns, high flexibility, unlimited colour combinations, less water consuming, etc have further uplifted Digital Printing to the favourite spot.

Gokul Texprints was the first Textile Company in Suratto start digital printing in the year of 2002 and the growth has been unstoppable since then. We supply the global textile and fashion industry with high-quality printed fabrics in various designs, colours, and patters. Here are a few factors that make us the leading light of Digital Printing in India –

Completely In-house capacity

We have modern technology to indigenously practice every process involved in Digital Printing like Coating, Loop, Finishing, and Stenter. The pre-coating of the printed base fabric is necessary to enable a sharp print mark and ensure that more ink can be kept on the surface of the textile. We can practice this process in-house with the help of latest technology. We also own and operate other crucial technologies like Loop machines and Stenter Machines to run a vibrant Digital Printing Unit.













Ensuring Top Quality

We ensure top quality of printed fabrics at our manufacturing units by giving special attention to the quality control mechanism. We make sure that every print is fine and sharp while also ensuring the premium quality of fabric in the final product. This is the reason why we even use the process of Singeing before Digital Printing. Singeing is the process of removal of protruding fibres from the surface of fabric. This peculiar process improves the fabric’s appearance and reduces its tendency to form pills and hairiness surface.

Further, in order to ensure the finest results, we also practice Reactive and Acid process for cotton and pure silk fabric. This helps us in achieving wide spectrum of shades with optimum brightness and attractive appearance.


12,000 metres per month of production

With the help of our highly advanced variety of Digital Printing Machines like MIMAKI JV-5 and MS JP – 7; we have one of the highest production volumes in the country with 12,000 metres of the high-end fashion fabrics per month. Our Digital Print Unit curates the most trending designs that range over 20 lakhs designs per annum.















Dedicated Design Team

We have a 20-member team of expert and experienced designers in our Digital Printing Unit. These brilliant designers create the most amazing of designs and patterns for our digital printing products. It is because of them that we have producing over 20 lakhs designs per annum. Our print products have a huge demand in the market, both nationally and internationally. We owe this magnificent achievement to not just our technology, engineers, and manufacturing staff members; but also to our dedicated team of designers who have given a unique appeal to our brand.

They are constantly working towards making a wide range of new and unique digital print designs.















At Gokul Texprints, we work very hard to maintain this fine quality and high volume of production. This is why we consistently upgrade our technology and make sure that our staffs have nothing but the BEST to work with. Our premium technology and industry experts empower our company to print various Fabrics like Cotton, Silk, Viscose, Linen, Wool, Rayon, and so on.

All the products that roll out of our Digital Printing unit have a very high demand in the markets of India as well as abroad.  We have dealers and distributors all over India earning great profits from the sales of our exquisite range of Fabrics. If you want to be one of those businesses, contact us today.

We sincerely hope that we have answered all your questions. But if we haven’t, you can go ahead and reach out the team of Gokul Texprints. Their team is incredibly friendly and would be delighted to assist you.

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