Gokul’s Vision for 2021 – Textile Industry in India

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Gokul’s Vision for 2021 – Textile Industry in India

India’s textiles sector is one of the biggest and oldest in the world. The industry is rich with variety and diversity. At one end of the spectrum you can find hand-spun and hand-woven products, while on the otherend you can find mass production of fibre and fabric at mills and factories. The weaving, knitting, and dyeing are the main sectors within the textile industry with printing showing a promising future.

The diverse range of products manufactured at India’s Textile Industries has huge demand in India and across the world. According to Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) – as of 2019, 348 technical textiles products were developed in India.The textiles and apparel industry in India has strengths across the entire value chain from fibre, yarn, fabric to the final apparel.

India has a lot of advantages over other countries when it comes to the Textile Industry like – competitive advantage of raw materials availability like cotton, wool, silk etc, Policy support by the government, increasing investments from the world, and increasing income levels of Indians.

India’s competitive advantage, historic experience, and positive intent mean that India has a promising future in the textiles industry. The future growth of the industry will be driven by both – strongdomestic consumption as well as export demand.

In line with these observations and future expectations, Gokul Texprints plans to –


With an agile mindset and approach of endless growth, we intend to multiply our production and reach more customers this year. We look forward to adopting technology that is “Made in India” to support Indian Government in the Aatmanirbhar Bharat initiative.  All our products are made in India from scratch and we are proud to be significant contributor in supplying the Textile Industry with Indian Goods.

Setting new trends in Weaves, Prints, and Designs

Gokul Texprints has been the trend setter in setting up new innovations in weaves and designs. We intend to continue with this approach in the year 2021 as well. Our dedicated team of designers will create more marvel opus designs to surprise the world. Our sincere engineers and managers will come up with new and more effective ways of weaving and processing.


Gokul Texprints was the first Textile Company in Surat to start digital printing in the year of 2002 and the growth has been unstoppable since then. We supply the global textile and fashion industry with high-quality printed fabrics in various designs, colours, and patters. This year, we intend to further multiply our Printing Capacity as well as the range of designs and products.

Increase Export from Surat Textile Market.

According to a report by fibre2fashion, Western countries are now shifting focus towards the Asian countries for their textile and apparel business.The main strength of India is that it is considered as a fitting alternative for China due to India’s availability of abundant skilled labour, appropriate infrastructure, and supply chain. Moreover, Indian garments are considered as the right value for money. International brands are showing increased trust in India which has enhanced the brand value of Indian garments.


Thus, Gokul Texprints has plans of expanding its wings and increasing the export of Textile products from Surat Textile Market. We aspire to spearhead the export initiative in the Surat Textile Industry. To begin with, we will be targeting USA and European countries with products like –viscose based dyed fabrics and digitally printed fabrics.


In the end, we just want to serve India with more products and more export revenue. This has always been our goal and it will remain so in the year 2021 as well.

We have dealers and distributors all over India earning great profits from the sales of our exquisite range of Fabrics. If you want to be one of those businesses, contact us today.

Call us on 9328113011 or chat with us on wa.me/919328113011 to clear all your doubts and queries, if any, related to our products. We would be happy to connect with you to develop further associations, partnership, and dealership opportunities.

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