Natural Anti Viral and Anti Bacterial Fabric: “Should we use it?” and other FAQs.

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Natural Anti Viral and Anti Bacterial Fabric: “Should we use it?” and other FAQs.

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Anti Viral and Anti Bacterial Fabric has been in the news for a while since the Pandemic started. But is it any good? Should we really spend our money on Anti Viral Fabric? Can a Fabric genuinely protect us from Bacteria and Virus? Questions like these still remain fairly unanswered. So, let us try and answer these doubts once and for all. 

First of all, yes, Anti Viral & Anti Bacterial Fabric genuinely works and it’s worth every penny. But, the keyword that you must lookout for is – “Natural”. As per our findings, the Natural Anti Viral and Anti Bacterial Fabric are the best both in terms of comfort and performance. Now, let us answer the Frequently Asked Questions for your better understanding.

Is it safe for the skin? 

Since Natural Anti Viral and Anti Bacterial Fabric is a Natural and eco-friendly product, it is completely safe for the skin. In fact, Natural Fabric is the safest type of Fabric as far as wellbeing of the skin is concerned. 

The Fabric provided by companies like Gokul Texprints is not contaminated in any manner. It is natural and completely safe.

Additionally, this Fabric has proven to be incredibly Skin Friendly and Breathable. It is easy & comfortable to carry and feels great on the skin. 

Is it truly Virus and Bacteria FREE?

Yes, the Fabric has natural properties that kill 99.99% of the Viruses & Bacteria settling on its surface. So, if you are wearing such a Fabric and the Virus happens to be around you and lands on the surface of the Fabric – the virus dies. Yes, it is as simple and convenient as it sounds. 

Where can we use it? 

Technically speaking – EVERYWHERE! Yes, the Fabric’s application has no limits because of its versatility and flexibility. But, the most common use of the Fabric has been found in the Apparel & Clothing industry. The Fabric is very versatile & comfortable and can be used to create ethnic wear, western wear, Men’s wear, Women’s wear, and so on. 

Companies like Gokul Texprints even have uncountable designs of Natural Anti Viral and Anti Bacterial Fabric for you to choose from.

The Fabric can also be used to create products of Home Textiles like sheets, pillow cases, blankets, towels, table cloths, rugs, and so on.

Long story short, you can make whatever you want from this versatile Fabric. 

How do we know the Fabric is authentic? 

Ideally, the Fabric would be certified by a reliable institution like BIOTECH TESTING SERVICES.

The company we have been mentioning here, Gokul Texprints, has been Certified by BIOTECH TESTING SERVICES (2001391 Date 11/06/2020). The certification ensures that their Fabric is credible and trustworthy. 

Is the Fabric high maintenance?

Not at all! It does not require any special care and can be maintained like any other Fabric. If anything, it is one of the more Easy-care Fabrics than most available in the market because of its special properties like being Piling Free. YES, the Fabric is also completely free of surface defects.  

The Natural Anti Viral and Anti Bacterial Fabric by Gokul Texprints have been found to be HIGH on performance and LOW on maintenance. 

Is the Fabric too heavy or too light?

The Fabric is available in different weights from 50 to 130 GSM in multiple weaves. If bought from the right source, the Fabric has been found to be of incredibly good quality.


We sincerely hope that we have answered all your questions. But if we haven’t, you can go ahead and reach out the team of Gokul Texprints. Their team is incredibly friendly and would be delighted to assist you. 

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