Pure fabrics in Surat? Gokul Print is the provider.

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Pure fabrics in Surat? Gokul Print is the provider.

Looking for pure fabrics in Surat? Getting best quality product has become a tough task. Productions of fabrics by multiple companies without keeping check on quality and condition in which they are prepared have tampered the quality of it.

At Gokul Print we take it as a challenge and always work towards making the best and pure fabrics in Surat. It’s extremely difficult to check the fabrics and its quality by seeing when produced and made ready for sale. But actual test of it begins when used in day to day life.

Using our long experience in fabric manufacturing and different technologies we have developed and installed multiple type of machinery which helps us develop the best product. When we started we had only one principle of producing best quality products and we are extremely grateful that we have continued it over two and a half decade.

Being one of the top textile manufacturing companies in India it become our prime responsibility to produce and give pure fabrics in Surat and other part of the country as well as world.

Our process of

  • Weaving
  • Processing
  • Folding
  • Spinning Yarn
  • Fiber Dyeing and all other process during our production are done through technology thus it helps to produce pure fabrics in Surat.

After we started using technology we have witnessed extreme differences in production. We are able to produce at huge amount in less time without compromising the quality.  We being producer of raw materials to finished products, we have gained knowledge for production of all kind of product and with precision without tampering the quality.

We have huge units for work.

  • House of digital print
  • Screen print unit
  • Dyeing houses
  • Weaving unit
  • Stitching unit
  • Designing unit

To ensure pure fabrics in Surat we keep special care of the ink we use. We insure to use most trusted and with proven quality inks. Also, using multiple colours and patterns we create around 20 Lacks design every year.

For printing purpose also we have different methods for different kind of fabrics. To produce best kind of print and pure fabrics in Surat and other part of country we use screen printing and hand printing in silk, chiffon and cotton blended products.

By producing over 40 colours in 16 fabrics our dyeing houses have always given sustainable and reliable product.

Our main foundation is to provide pure fabrics in Surat and other part of the country and world. We have track record of producing the best quality material and are always committed to follow this legacy.