Screen Printing In India By Gokul Tex Prints

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Screen Printing In India By Gokul Tex Prints

Screen printing has evolved from the ancient art of stencilling and has now become an industry in itself. From a simple process of Fabrics stretched over wooden frames to becoming mechanised – the process of Screen Printing has come a long way. As of today, Screen Printing at Gokul Texprints is a very sophisticated process, using advanced fabrics and inks combined with computer technology. 

The main advantage of Screen Printing is that it is much easier and simpler method as compared to many other complicated printing processes. This also means that it has a much lower investment cost and requires a shorter area. Thus, Screen Printing products are affordable for many in the market. Additionally, the results of Screen Printing are extremely good, especially in simple designs. 

Process of Screen Printing at Gokul

The first step is to prepare an incredible design for the products. Our dedicated team of designers get into action and create a beautiful design for us. Next, a stencil is created by burning the image into a SCREEN using photosensitive emulsion and a light source. After this crucial step, the same SCREEN is placed on the press over a Garment. And then we add colour to our designs. At this step, the application of ink is done. Further, squeegee stroke floods the mesh of the SCREEN with ink to ensure consistent and even print on the Garment. Next, the squeegee presses the ink through the mesh onto the Garment.

While the process of printing is done for one colour at a time, multiple colours are printed in layers. Gokul Tex Print follows stringent norms for quality assurance at every step of the entire process. Our state-of-the-art facilities and latest technology ensures best quality products.     

Superior Quality of Products  

The attention to detail that goes into the screen printing process is crucial – and we very well understand the importance of that. Our team of experts know exactly how to deliver superior quality products to the market.  

The heart of the screen printing process is the SCREEN, which is the most crucial part of the printing process. A small difference in the screen can make or break your brand due to the quality of the print. Thus, we select and create the perfect SCREEN for printing. 

Another important aspect of maintaining quality products in Screen printing is the ingredients and tools used in production. The tools like Stencils, wooden blocks, rollers, and engraved plates are used to place colour on the fabric properly. Also, at Gokul, we use premium quality of colours (ink) and Fabrics to get the best output possible.

Huge Capacity with multiple Fabric options

We are one of the largest Screen Printing Facilities in India with the capacity of 1 Lakh meter fabric per month with the strength of printing on majority of the types of fabrics. Screen textile printing can be applied to a wide range of different textile fabrics and we are well equipped to do it.

Our premium technology and industry experts empower our company to Screen Print on various Fabrics like Cotton, Silk, Georgette, Chiffon, Satin, Crepe, Organza, Muslin, Polyester, Blends, Linen, Rayon, and other synthetic Fibres.

At Gokul Texprints, we work very hard to maintain this fine quality and high volume of production. This is why we consistently upgrade our technology and make sure that our staffs have nothing but the BEST to work with. 

Examples of Screen printing designs 





Here’s one simple and elegant design from the house of Gokul. A beautiful blue colour is chosen and subtle leaf prints are printed with the help of Screens. The results that have come out are beautiful and have great demand in the market. We have seen such pretty prints by us converted into beautiful kurtis and Sarees.







Here’s another elegant example of Screen Printing from the house of Gokul. This one goes for the trusted and popular option of floral prints. The floral prints are extremely popular when it comes to Screen Printing. The print come out beautifully and enhances the look of the entire Fabric. At Gokul Texprints, we create a huge quality and variety of Floral prints, especially in Screen Printing Unit.  

This beautiful Screen Printing product has also been created at Gokul’s Screen Printing Unit. The simple screen print looks simply flawless and perfectly depicts the meticulous process of Screen printing. A few designs are such that they work exceptionally well in Screen Printing and this is one such design.

Screen printing gives a higher quality output and more artful looking prints as compare to digital prints. Moreover, the products of Screen printing by Gokul are more durable and stay with you for a very long period of time. Not to forget, when Screen printing is done as properly as we do it, it produces products with the greatest finish.

All the products that roll out of our Screen Printing unit have a very high demand in the markets of India as well as abroad.  We have dealers and distributors all over India earning great profits from the sales of our exquisite range of Fabrics. If you want to be one of those businesses, contact us today. 

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