The Weaving Unit of Gokul Texprints

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The Weaving Unit of Gokul Texprints

Gokul tex print Pvt. ltd., established in 1993, is among the Indian market leaders to facilitate the textile industry with reliable and sustainable products. We supply the global textile and fashion industry with high-quality fabrics and ready-to-wear designer apparel.

One of the reasons this has been possible, is our state-of-the-art Weaving facilities with the latest technology and expert engineers/managers. The weaving unit of Gokul Texprints is one of the largest in the world and we are amongst global leaders in terms of quality and quantity of production. The “per month production” at Gokul Texprints is of 15,00,000 metres.

Types of Machines

We have 200 up and running machines in our weaving unit operating at its optimal level. Air jet weaving machine is mainly used for light, medium and heavy weaving. Air jet weaving machine produces gray fabrics with more varieties of fine yarns and higher grades with least possible defects. We also possess Airtex Automatic machines and Rapier Panther machines. Due to this flexibility, Rapier Panther machines are useful in manufacturing Fabrics for furnishing, home textile, silk, shirting, denim, decorated fabrics, Industrial fabrics, & Technical textile fabrics. We also have dedicated Jacquard machine – Vamatex&Linardo. Additionally, we also have a range of Red flak Airjet machines for high speed and high productivity.

Highly reputed partners















Gokul Texprints is proud to be partners with Aditya Birla Group (Indian Rayon, Birla Century, accredited partners of Liva) and Nationwide Fabrics dealer of Asahi Kasei Cupro Fabric, Japan. Our company enjoys exceptional trust of these International brands because of our commitment to quality and delivery of promises. As we grow, we are looking forward to many such National and International partnerships.

Creating benchmark

















The revolutionary change in the textiles has been rapid in the last decade. Gokul tex Group has taken full advantage of such technology –and created different branch of textiles manufacturing to truly excel in every aspect. Weaving Unit is one such branch that we are truly proud of. We have the perfect blend of technology and human capital to deliver the finest products in the market. The Fabrics that we create at our weaving units are creating benchmark for the market as a whole.

The Best Grade and Responsible Manufacturing   

Our Weaving Unit is not just well equipped but also capable of manufacturing the best products in the country. The Fabric that rolls out of our Weaving Unit has less Hairiness and is absolutely skin friendly. We manufacture cool Fabric that is Eco friendly and Environment friendly. We believe in a very responsible approach towards manufacturing and doing business. We are committed to the principle of sustainable management and a high environmental standard.

















All the products that roll out of our weaving unit have a very high demand in the markets of India as well as abroad.  We have dealers and distributors all over India earning great profits from the sales of our exquisite range of Fabrics. If you want to be one of those businesses, contact us today.

Gokul Texprints is always open to new business associations, collaborations, and dealership opportunities.

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