Why Gokul Print is known as best cotton-blended fabric makers in India

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Why Gokul Print is known as best cotton-blended fabric makers in India

Established in 1993, Gokul Print is one of the best cotton-blended fabrics makers in the country. Gokul Print has achieved this mile stone particularly for the global textiles and ready to wear designer apparels it produces.

What makes us different?

We are always working to provide sustainable and reliable products. This is one of the key reasons which have helped us to develop trustworthiness.

We believe technology plays vital role to develop best products fast without compromising the quality. Using new technologies help we get the tag of best cotton-blended fabric makers in India.

  • Fibre dyeing,
  • Yarn spinning,
  • Weaving,
  • Processing and all other sections to ensure we continue to maintain its charm as largest integrated textile producer in India.

Apart from being known as best cotton- blended fabric makers we are also known for providing raw materials to finished products. Yes we do it all. This makes us stand different from others.

  • Weaving
  • Dyeing
  • Printing
  • Embroidery
  • Designing

You name it and we are ready to do it.

Why we stand different.

We at Gokul Print believe our clients should reach us in absolutely hassle free way. To ensure this we have created multiple touch points which are:

  • Nationwide retail networks
  • Exclusive showrooms
  • Whole sellers
  • Multi Brand Outlets
  • Presence in international fashion houses

Ensuring Gokul Print reach each and every customer. 

Quality and Innovation keeps the charm

To keep the charm of “always updated product” alive we work closely with

  • Big firm
  • Boutiques and individual customers
  • Fashion Houses

to get the feedback. This helps us to always come up with the innovative products.

We also do research and textile engineering works.

Being crowned as the best cotton-blended fabric makers in the country, it becomes extremely important for us to take initiative for the environment as well. Gokul Print actively participate to work environment friendly products using sustainable resources. We want to assure our clients we are committed to principle of sustainable management and high environment standard.

We believe client satisfaction and quality product is the key to build a trustworthy and amazing brand and we are truly committed to work for it.